Electric Swing Gates

The type of electric swing gate opener that you need is really down to what kind of gate installation you have. The 3 types of operator are explained below but if you still unsure then just give us a call and we can talk you through it on 01282 677300.

What type of swing gate kit do I need?

We stock electric swing gate kits from world leading gate automation brands, offering reliability and practicality at affordable, low prices. With little ongoing maintenance on these pieces of equipment, you can be assured that you are buying kit that’s built to last and won’t cost you the earth.

These budget electric swing gate operators come as full kits with all installation brackets, control panel, remote controls and basic safety accessories. These motors are a cheap and reliable option and are suitable for most residential driveways which is why they are some of our best sellers, for more options just go to the swing gates page.

Are you looking to automate your existing gates?

We offer a variety of kits that would be perfect for automating your gates. Below are a few of the advantanges for each of the types of gate opening mechanism.

  • Underground Motors

    Discreet openers set in to the ground in galvanized boxes

    Acts as the bottom hinge of your gate

    You need to be able to dig down to install these

    The most attractive way to power your gates

    Electromechanical and hydraulic versions available

    Hydraulic kits may be suitable for closed boarded/ solid gates

  • Gate Mounted Arms

    Simple retro-fit option for automation

    Rod stroke pushes and pulls the gates open & closed

    Practical system with manual release

    Gate hinges MUST be in line with the back edge of the post so that they line up horizontally when mounted

    Electromechanical and hydraulic versions available

    Hydraulic kits may be suitable for closed boarded/ solid gates

  • Articulated Arms

    Arms fold using an elbow type hinge open and close

    Best suited to wider posts or columns

    The best option to power your gates where other operators cannot be installed

    Flexible mounting – can be used where hinges are in the centre of the posts

    Electromechanical only

    NEVER suitable for closed boarded / solid timber gates

Gate Safety

The infra-red safety photocells that are included with the kits provide the minimum level of safety protection for your gates by stopping them from opening or closing if something is in their path. If you are concerned about gate safety and would like to learn more about the further safety measures click the button below

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