How do sliding gates actually work?

sliding gates

Automated gates offer many benefits. They provide better security, easy access and enhance any property’s aesthetic appeal. When it comes to gate automation, traditional swing gates are often the options that many people gravitate towards. However, while they have a well-deserved widespread appeal, unfortunately not every environment is capable of properly accommodating them. And that’s where sliding gates kits come in.

Sliding gates are an excellent choice for homes and businesses with limited space in their driveways for swinging gates to open and close. They’re also great for windier areas because they face less resistance when opening and closing. But how do they actually work?

How do sliding gates open and close?

A sliding gate consists of a single leaf that moves horizontally to open and close. It’s guided along a track of toothed racking located at the bottom of the gate, which acts as a gear mechanism to propel it in both directions. A single motor powers the gate and is neatly fixed onto one side. Grooved wheels are also positioned beneath the gate at intervals, running along a track to ensure the gate moves in the correct direction. So, the process is relatively straightforward! However, it’s important to note that groundwork is required to lay grooved tracking across your driveway to ensure the gate works properly.

What are the benefits of sliding gates?

Sliding gates have numerous advantages – they’re ideal for homes or businesses that want to save space. Unlike swinging gates that move inwards and outwards, sliding gates slide back and forth, taking up only the space they occupy. They’re also an excellent choice if your front drive is uneven and incompatible with swinging gates.

Other benefits of sliding gate kits include their ability to handle heavier gates, such as heavy-duty metal gates. They can also span vast openings, which is perfect for businesses with large vehicles coming in and out. Sliding gates are more robust and are difficult to force open, which makes them great security tools. Moreover, if you reside in a wide area, sliding gates offer much less resistance compared to swinging gates because of their robustness.

Are sliding gates right for me?

To be honest, your property’s suitability for sliding gates depends on the level of your driveway. If you have too much of an incline from left to right looking at the opening, a cantilever gate will be the best option for you. This is especially beneficial if your home or workplace is on a hilly or uneven terrain. Sliding gates work well no matter what traffic flow you may have, whether it is on a large commercial site or a residential driveway.

In summary, sliding gates are a popular and practical choice for many homeowners and businesses, offering a secure and convenient way to control property access. It’s not essential to understand how sliding gates work in too much detail, but it can be useful in helping you decide whether a sliding gate kit is the right choice for your property!

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