Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells
Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells £44.95 ex VAT
LiftMaster SUB 300 Single Electric Gate Underground Kit
FAAC 770N 230V Double Underground Kit £1,617.00 ex VAT

LiftMaster SUB 300 Single Electric Gate Underground Kit

LiftMaster Sub 300 Single Underground Gate Kit

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£665.00 ex VAT

£798.00 inc VAT


  • Set in underground housings so your gates have nothing visibly attached
  • Stylish galvanised foundation box covers
  • Acts as the bottom hinge of your gate
  • Quiet opening and closing with automatic slowdown
  • Built in adjustable hard stops
  • Waterproof motors
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Manual release in the event of power failure
  • Photocell lens rotation of 180° for ease of installation
  • Advanced control board with safety edge input

Liftmaster have developed one of their finest motors with excellent reliability as the motor is waterproof and is permanently lubricated for ease of operation.

The Sub300 offers built in adjustable hard stops so that additional hard stops set in to the ground are not necessary (though we would always recommend them in case somebody tries to push open your gates).


The motors have steel foundation boxes which are buried in the ground under your driveway beneath the bottom corner of your gate. The boxes act as a support for the gate, replacing the traditional bottom hinge – the boxes can be installed prior to installing the motors.

The boxes are covered over with a stylish steel cover and that is all you will see of these motors unlike other more obvious gate automation kits using visibly mounted arms on the back of the gates.

As standard this operator will open to a maximum of 110 degrees, but if you need a wider opening we can offer a special chain adapter that will allow the gates to open to 180 degrees (please note that this will also require external hard-stops) please call us on 01282 677 300 for more information on these.

In the event of power failure, SUB operators come with a manual release key which allows you to open and close your gates without the power connected.


The futuristic looking Liftmaster 772E photocells are so versatile that installing them on any job is a breeze. The internal circuit board and lens can rotate through 180 degrees, allowing you to install on any wall and easily line up the beams.


  • 1x SUB 300 Motors
  • 1x SUB 300 Foundation boxes
  • 1x SUB 110° Opening Arms
  • 2x Liftmaster TX4 4 Channel Universal Remote
  • 1x Manual Release Key
  • 1x Pair of 772E Photocells
  • 1x CB11 Control Panel
  • 1x RF-Module Receiver


  • 4m Max per leaf
  • 600kgs Max @ 2.5m
  • 20 Cycles per hour
  • 230v

  • Electromechanical motor
  • 1400 RPM motor speed
  • 110° or 180° (with adaptor) opening angle
Weight 39.85 kg
Gate Usage

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Single or Double Kit

Suitable for Closed Boarded Gates


Max Leaf Width (Meters)

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Gate Automation Type

Gate Type

Swing Gates

Mechanical Type


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