BFT Eli-250-E180 180 Degrees Conversion Arm for Eli Motors
BFT Eli-250-E180 180 Degrees Conversion Arm for Eli Motors £106.84 ex VAT
AES Cellcom Lite GSM with keypad
AES Cellcom Lite GSM with keypad £430.00 ex VAT

SC-01 / Reno Intercom

Do you want to replace your old coded keypad to improve the security of your building? Then this is the intercom for you!

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£1,600.00 ex VAT

£1920.00 inc VAT



  • Quick and simple install – usually done in half a day
  • No cabling to individual residences – no handsets to purchase or install
  • Easily replace an old coded keypad – great for renovations
  • Receive calls from intercom anywhere so you never miss a call
  • Program to call several devices
  • Roaming SIM always finds the best network


How it works:

Resident Access:

  1. Your key fobs will be pre-programmed to access your designated intercom panel.
  2. To open the door, tap your key fob on the proximity reader (white square with orange key). You will see a message on the panel and hear a message confirming that the door is open.
  3. Your property manager can program a key code to enter on the keypad for you to open the door as well.


Receiving calls/Visitor Access:

  1. When a visitor arrives at your entrance, they will dial your flat code or select your name using the arrow buttons and press the call button. The intercom will call your registered device(s).
  2. You will receive either an audio or video call depending on your device and settings.
  3. Either answer the call to speak with your visitor to determine whether to grant access, or reject the call without granting access.




Intratone access solutions are incredibly easy to program and manage via our free, cloud-based remote management portal. In a few simple clicks, you can add or remove key fobs, change resident details, or create codes for contractors to access the property during certain time ranges.


Our UK-based support team offers free training on the management portal, and you can also access management portal guides on the Resources page of our website:



  • 1x SC-01 Intercom Panel



  • Central Unit (1 door – 03-0102; 2 door – 03-0101)
  • Module



coded keypad-yes

finish – Anthracite / Silver, platinum / silver, Gilded / Gold  (prices vary on finish)

dimensions.    L:120mm  H:270mm  D:15mm  + proximity reader 45mm


CABLING –      2-DOOR CENTRAL UNIT 03-0101-EN 3G unit – Central unit 6 wires (3 twisted pairs) Ø 0.8 mm – Max: 100 m Central unit – Intercom 6 wires (3 twisted pairs) Ø 0.8 mm – Max: 200 m Intercom – 3G unit 2 wires (1 twisted pair) Ø 0.8 mm – Max: 100 m 1-DOOR CENTRAL UNIT 03-0102-EN Central unit – Intercom / 3G unit 4 wires (2 twisted pairs) Ø 0.8 mm – Max: 200 m Intercom – 3G unit 6 wires (3 twisted pairs) + 2 wires (video) Ø 0.8 mm – Max: 100 m



Weight 2.64 kg
Audio or Video


Number of Relays


Connection Type

Wireless, GSM

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