E-Loop Inground Commercial Loop Kit EXIT MODE with LCD Tranceiver
E-Loop Inground Commercial Loop Kit PRESENCE MODE with LCD Transceiver £482.00 ex VAT
ROGER E80-2 Button Remote Control
ROGER E80-2 Button Remote Control £25.00 ex VAT


An innovative gadget allowing you to control your gates, garage and most electric locks via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or internet connection.

Link with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Siri, Apple watch App, iOS and Android App and More…



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£110.00 ex VAT

£132.00 inc VAT

256 bit end-to-end encryption
Keys are not store in a cloud but in the smartphone
and the Remootio unit. As a result, Remootio also
works when there is no internet connection.

Get notifications about events: gate was opened by
a user, someone rang the doorbell, etc

Automatic opening based on Geofencing (GPS) and
iBeacons (Bluetooth) based algorithms

Sensors to detect open/ closed status of the gates.
You can check it anytime from the app.

Easy key sharing via QR code
and access right management

Schedule times of the day and week when the key
holders have access to your gate

We continuously develop Remootio and release
updates with the new features which can be
downloaded for free for all users.

Customize: use your favourite photos and colors to
make your app look unique.

Logging: check when and who opened or closed
your gate

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