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Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells
Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells £44.95 ex VAT
LiftMaster SLY 524 24V Electric Sliding Gate Opener
FAAC 770N 230V Double Underground Kit £1,617.00 ex VAT

LiftMaster SLY 524 24V Electric Sliding Gate Opener

The LiftMaster SLY 524 24v electric sliding gate motor is a versatile and durable operator that will suit most residential gates up to 8m in width. Comes with 4m of steel toothed racking.

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  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Connection for optional battery backup
  • Pedestrian mode – partial opening
  • Stop & reverse obstacle detection
  • Deep set pinion drive
  • Waterproof housing
  • Maintenance free with permanent lubrication
  • Strong and compact
  • Manual release in case of power outage
  • Height adjustable lateral base plate

The Liftmaster SLY 524 (24v) sliding electric gate kit is perfectly suited for iron gates weighing up to 500kg at 8m in length.


It is both a strong and compact mechanical gate opener with deep-set pinion drive which is suitable for residential and commercial use as well being suitable for closed boarded wooden gates in wind affected areas under certain conditions.

Being a 24v system it has the advantage of stop and reverse obstacle detection for added safety. It features automatic force and limit adjustment, is simple to install and programme and is enabled for pedestrian mode (partial opening).

The advanced control board also has a connection for a battery back-up meaning that you could chose to install a fall back option in the event of an electric outage.

This quiet system is built to last and runs using a steel toothed rack (sold separately in 1 & 2 metre sections) either bolted or welded to the underside of the gate that meshes with the pinion on the motor. When the pinion rotates the gate is either opened or closed.


It can be installed on to a traditional sliding gate on a track or to a cantilever sliding gate. For an easy installation the kit is supplied with magnetic limit switches that can be moved along the toothed rack to set the open and closed position of the gate.

The 772E photocells are really simple to install.

Power failure causes no problems with this electric sliding gate kit comes with a manual release key so that you can open your gates manually if required.


  • 1x SLY Motor with cover
  • 4 x 1m length Steel Toothed Racking
  • 1x Lateral base plate
  • Magnetic Limit Switch kit
  • 2x TX4 4 Channel Universal Remote
  • 1x CB202 24v Control board
  • 1x Manual Release Key
  • 1x Pair of 771E Photocells


  • 8m maximum gate length
  • 500kg gate weight
  • 50 cycles per hour
  • 24v

  • 360w power
  • 15Nm Torque


Weight 10.89 kg
Gate Usage





Gate Automation Type

Max Leaf Weight (Kgs)

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Gate Type

Sliding & Cantilever Gates

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