FAAC 844 230V Commercial Sliding Gate Motor
FAAC 844 230V Commercial Sliding Gate Motor £1,283.00 ex VAT
Videx DK8K-1S Audio Intercom with Keypad
Videx DK8K-1S Audio Intercom with Keypad £248.00 ex VAT

FAAC 770N 24V Double Electric Underground Kit

24v non reversing operator from the FAAC 770N 24v Double Electric Underground Gate Kit

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£1,690.00 ex VAT

£2028.00 inc VAT


  • Discreet gate openers which are invisible once installed
  • Stop and reverse on obstacle detection due to 24v safety features in the control board
  • Can operate fairly large, heavy gates at a reasonably fast speed
  • Higher amount of opening times per hour than the 230v kit
  • Safety features for added protection such as anti-crushing
  • Suitable for residential electric gates
  • Reliable and easy to maintain -motors can be removed without dismantling the gate
  • Non reversing operator
  • Optional battery back-up available
  • Requires built in stops

The 770N 24v system from FAAC is an underground gate operator for residential swing gates with a single gate leaf width of up to 2.5m, weighing up to 500kgs.


With all the benefits of the standard 770N kit, this version also has extra safety features such as stop and reverse on obstacle detection and a virtual encoder with reverse function in conjunction with the maximum anti-crushing features because of the powerful E124 control board.

Installed underground in foundation boxes, these motors sit beneath the bottom corners of your gates, acting as the pivot point – just like a hinge.

Once installed and the cover plates are in place over the motors, this is all you will see of this quiet and discreet opener which is a distinct benefit if you do not want to change the aesthetics of your electric gates gates by adding a gate mounted arm, which is the the primary reason for choosing an underground kit.


Unlike some underground motors, when maintenance is required, the motor can simply be removed from the foundation boxes without the need to remove the gate leaf. Benefiting from an anti-corrosive coating and weatherproofing of the motor housings you can be assured of a long life from this ever reliable and safety assured manufacturer.

In the event of a power failure, you can still open your gates using the manual release key so you never need worry about being stuck in an emergency.

As standard this is supplied to open to 110 degrees but can be adapted to open to 140 or 180 degrees. In order to achieve the 180 degrees FAAC have designed some easy installation gears rather than the traditional chain drive which eliminates a lot of the maintenance that the chains need. Please contact us on 01282 677300 for more information.


  • 2x 770N Motors
  • 2x Foundation boxes with covers
  • 1x Pair of SAFEBEAM photocells
  • 1x Manual release key
  • 1x Receiver
  • 1x XT2 2 Button remote control
  • 1x E124 Control board


  • 3.5m Max per leaf
  • 500 kgs max. weight
  • 30 cycles per hour
  • 24v

  • 330Nm max. torque
  • 110 degree opening angle (140 and 180 with optional kit – call for details)
Weight 60 kg
Gate Usage



Single or Double Kit

Suitable for Closed Boarded Gates


Gate Automation Type

Max Leaf Width (Meters)

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Gate Type

Swing Gates

Mechanical Type


Max Leaf Weight (Kgs)

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