Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells
Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells £44.95 ex VAT
FAAC 415LS 24V Double Arm Kit
FAAC 770N 230V Double Underground Kit £1,617.00 ex VAT

FAAC 415LS 24V Double Arm Kit

The FAAC 415LS 24v system has built in limit switches along with the bonus safety features of a 24v system. A powerful and versatile opener for both light commercial and residential use.

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  • 24v safety features
  • High level of duty cycles
  • Suitable for residential and commercial use
  • Fast opening and closing speed
  • Non-reversing motor prevents movement whilst motor is not running
  • Flexible installation features for mounting at the top or bottom of your gate
  • Reliable and robust solution with little maintenance required

FAAC have produced the 415 series of electric gate openers that can handle larger gate widths and have varying features. This is the 24v LS version which offers the additional 24v safety features as well as having built in limit switches which control the open and closed limits of your gate in conjunction with managing the slow down process, operating your gates to its full parameters in any weather.


As it will move a swing gate with individual leaves of up to 3m* at a reasonably fast operating speed, it is ideal for residential as well as light commercial usage particularly due to the intensive duty cycles it is capable of.

The non-reversing gear-motor is a practical security solution which prevents the gate from moving whilst the motor is not running*. You need not be concerned about being able to operate your motor in a power cut because you are provided with a manual release key in the kit.

This is a versatile motor to install and can be situated at either the top or the bottom of the gate this is helped by the horizontal exit of the power cable, making wiring easier.


The aluminum body is double coated which guarantees a long lasting seal from the elements. Combine this with the reliability that you are assured from FAAC and you have a practical and robust motor which requires little maintenance.


  • 2x 415LS Motors
  • 2x Mounting Brackets
  • 1x Receiver
  • 2x XT2 2 Button remote control
  • 1x E124 Control Board
  • 1x Pair of SAFEBEAM photocells


  • 3m Max per leaf (electronic lock required over 2.5m)
  • 75 cycles per hour
  • 24v

  • Electromechanical
  • Rod travel: 300mm
  • Opening speed of 1.6cm per second
  • Power: 70w
  • 280daN Thrust

*FAAC recommend the use of an electronic lock on gates over 2.5m using this kit.

Weight 30 kg
Gate Usage

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Single or Double Kit

Suitable for Closed Boarded Gates


Max Leaf Width (Meters)

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Gate Automation Type

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Swing Gates

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