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Daitem Wireless Audio Gate Intercom SC901AU

The Daitem wireless audio intercom is one of the most feature rich intercoms on the market. Proximity tag access for up to 16 tags along with the mobile handset makes this a very versatile system.

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  • Suitable for a single property or single commercial premises
  • Portable wireless indoor handset
  • User access via proximity tag from outside
  • Additional proximity cards can be added (up to 15 extra)
  • Optimised security: handset indicates the status of your gate and garage doors (open or closed)
  • Can be used as an internal intercom with up to 4 handsets
  • Capable of controlling up to 16 other systems in your home including outdoor lighting, pedestrian gates and garage doors
  • Minimal installation and programming requirements
  • No cabling required between the handsets and entrances
  • Slim anti-vandal call point is surface mounted
  • Reversible handset base allows wall or table mounting
  • Simple management of proximity badges, PIN codes and ringtones

This kit is absolutely packed full of features that make this one of the most advanced systems of its kind on the market. Not only will it control your gate, it will control up to 16 other systems from your home including gates, garage doors, lighting (indoor and outdoor) and electrical latches.


Using the mobile handset within your home you can filter and welcome your visitors, open and close your gates and you can even use it as an internal intercom with up to 4 handsets!

The handset comes with a mains powered charging cradle which will charge the lithium-ion battery. The battery life out of holster in normal use is up to 15 hours which is ample for carrying the handset out in to the garden with you or if you forget to return it to base.

The LCD handset screen enables you to monitor the status of your gates and other systems connected to the device, the status of the battery and signal, missed and ongoing call information and even the temperature outside.


Mounted outside your entranceway is the control unit which has a proximity sensor built in. When you swipe you tag across it, it recognizes you as an approved visitor and opens the gate. You can add up to 16 tags so the whole family can be issued with tags or it can even be used for a business premises for staff entry.

The wireless intercom kit from Daitem is as simple to use as it is to set up. Being wireless you have no need to run cabling back to the house and the mains power for the control unit can be sourced from your automation power supply.


It has a very long range of up to 400m in clear sight, although this can be effected by factors such as electricity pylons so if you have any concerns over the installation then please just give us a call.




  • 1x Backlit outdoor caller unit with proximity badge reader
  • 1x Anti-vandal brushed metal cover for caller unit
  • 1x Proximity badge TAGID
  • 1x Mains powered controller
  • 1x Inside handset unit with rechargeable lithium-ion battery in mains powered base


  • Up to 400m range in free field conditions (depending on environmental and installation conditions)
  • Add up to 16 proximity key fobs – useful for student accomodation and multi-resident properties
  • 8 Character LCD screen
  • 6 handset languages: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
  • Built in microphone and loudspeaker
  • 2 way speech to caller unit
  • Easy programming using the handset
  • Secure radio transmissions using optwin technology using bi-directional dual channel digital transmission
  • 2 Year warranty
Weight 3.16 kg
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