Hy Dom 3LC Goliath 400 Single Hydraulic Electric Gate Kit
Hy Dom 3LC Goliath 400 Single Hydraulic Electric Gate Kit £785.00 ex VAT
CISA Electric Gate Lock
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BFT SUB R Single Underground Electric Gate Kit

The BFT SUB R is a powerful hydraulic underground electric gate kit for single gates that is both discreet and heavy duty.

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  • Rated for very intensive use
  • Purpose for residential, apartment blocks, side and commercial gates
  • Can move a gate of up to 1.8m in width
  • Maximum opening angle of 130°
  • Looks very neat once installed
  • Silent and smooth cycles
  • Scenario based programming sequence
  • MITTO remote cloning system
  • Rolling code safe transmission for extra security

The BFT SUB R hydraulic underground system offers style and substance by housing a very powerful motor which is hidden from view. All you will ever see of this operator is the foundation box cover plate under the bottom corner of your gate. The motor acts as the bottom hinge for your gate and it pivots from that point.


This kit is designed for single gates and side gates that receive normal to high levels of traffic with up to 20 cycles per hour and would therefore be appropriate for single or multi resident properties as well as light commercial entrances.

The closing slowdown guarantees a smooth and silent operation on even the largest of gates. Also, the adjustment screw makes it possible to adapt the slowdown intensity to your requirements.


This motor also has the ability to operate a closed boarded gate in windy affected areas which is something that a lot of kits cannot do. The forces involved in opening a closed sided gate are huge and require a suitable operator with a lot of power to drive them; imagine holding a wooden sail up in the wind and then trying to walk in to the wind with it!

This motor is easy to maintain as the special foundation case makes it possible to extract the operator without dismantling the leaf of the gate.


  • 1x SUB-R Motors
  • 1x CPS Heavy duty foundation boxes
  • 1x Rigel 5 Control panel with built in receiver
  • 2x MITTO2 Remote Controls
  • 1x Pair of BFT COMPACTA A20 Infra-Red Photocells


  • 230v
  • Hydraulic
  • Max. gate leaf 1.8m wide
  • Max. gate leaf weight 800kg

  • 250w Power output
  • Hydraulic clutch slowdown
  • Locking: Open/ close hydraulics
  • Non-reversing
  • Rated for very frequent/ intensive use
  • 130° max. opening angle
  • 14 sec + slowdown cycle time
*The leaf weight, width and wind conditions massively affect the suitability of these kits and can make them unsuitable, so use this page only as a basic guide. We would strongly advise that you call us on 01282 677300 so that we can help you to decide if the operator can handle the gate dimensions and conditions for your specific installation. We accept no responsibility for the suitability of the operator and warranties may become invalid if not they are not installed correctly so please do get in touch for advice prior to purchase.
Weight 50 kg
Gate Usage

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Max Leaf Weight (Kgs)

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Max Leaf Width (Meters)

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Single or Double Kit

Suitable for Closed Boarded Gates


Gate Automation Type

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