700mm BFT Stoppy 700 MBB Bollard
Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells £33.00 ex. VAT
700mm BFT Stoppy 700 MBB Bollard
FAAC 770N 230V Double Underground Kit £978.00 ex. VAT

700mm BFT Stoppy 700 MBB Bollard

The BFT Stoppy Bollards are an amazing piece of security. Used in many places including city centres to control traffic for bus lanes and other no access areas for the public.

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£3,341.00 ex. VAT

The part you see below is literally the tip of the iceberg as most of the bollards is buried into the ground and packed with a mixture of layers of concrete and fine and compacted sand to make sure that if a car hits the bollard at speed it will stop it immediately.

It can be used with the Passey detection system so fleets of vehicles can drive over the bollard automatically (great for busses and other fleet vehicle entrances). It can also be used with the Sunny Solar Panel system so it can literally be installed anywhere without having to be wired to the mains. Perfect for difficult installs in busy city centres and or rural areas.

Call us on 01282 677300 to discuss your options with this item. Electromechanical Automatic Bollard 700mm Height From the Ground Flush Flashing Lights (8 around cylinder, 4 on top) Fully Assembled, Pre Wired, Ready for install No Hydraulic Plumbing   Includes 2 x Mitto-2 Remote Controls and 1 x Perseo-2 Control Panel.

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