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Beninca TO.GO4VA 4 Button Gate Remote Control

Beninca TO.GO4VA 4 button gate remote. 433.92 MHz transmitter, advanced rolling code 128 bit or 64 bit dual code.

Replaces the TO.GO4WV and is compatible with both TO.GO4A and TO.GO4WV.

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The NEW Beninca To.GO4VA 433.92 MHz remote control is a dual rolling code (128 bit or 64 bit) transmitter.

Thanks to the length of its transmitted code, our new 128bit Advanced Rolling Code (ARC) transmitters offer maximum security.
In comparison to the old 64bit rolling code, the new technology offers a transmitter that is virtually impossible to clone.

Because the new technology is only present in the transmitter, all our receivers are already compatible with the new 128bit ARC technology, including the well established ONE.2WB receiver.
Once a receiver has its first stored transmitter, that receiver is fixed to that type of code. This means you cannot use the new 128bit transmitters on a receiver that already holds 64bit transmitters.The solution is our new TO.GOVA DUAL CODE transmitter. With its distinctive green buttons, use as a 128bit ARC transmitter straight out of the box, or with a simple two button sequence, turn the transmitter into a 64bit remote, suitable for use with older equipment.


Replaces the TO.GO4WV and is compatible with both TO.GO4A and TO.GO4WV.

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