Single24V Roger Technology BRUSHLESS Kit (BE20/210S)
Single24V Roger Technology BRUSHLESS Kit (BE20/210S) £597.08 ex VAT
AYRON Roger Technology BRUSHLESS 24V (Single Kit)
AYRON Roger Technology BRUSHLESS 24V (Single Kit) £633.72 ex VAT

Single Swing 36V Roger Technology BRUSHLESS kit (BE20/410S)

BE20/410 Electromechanical actuator BRUSHLESS, low voltage, super intensive use, with native encoder onboard, irreversible, ideal for swing gates with leaves up to 4.0 mt length, with mechanical stopper in opening and closing.

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£691.26 ex VAT

£829.51 inc VAT

36vBE20/410S  Brushless Single kit suitable for gates up to 4m wing.


2 x E80/TX52R/R Remote ControlH93 Receiver Card
Roger Technology FIFTY Beacon / Antenna
BE20/400 36v Super Intensive Brushless Motor
Roger Technology M90 180°  Photocells
EDGE1 Digital Brushless Controller

  • Power line supply:    230V AC – 50Hz
  • Motor power supply:    36V
  • Power rating:    200W
  • Frequency of use:    Intensive use
  • Thrust:    100 – 2800N
  • Operating temperature:    -20 C° +55 C°
  • Protection level:    IP43
  • Reductor Type:    Irreversible
  • Manoeuvre speed:    1,66 cm/s
  • Opening time at 90°:    17-26 s
  • Stroke:    550 mm

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