30mm End Edges - Black Aluminium
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30mm End Edges - Black Aluminium
30mm Through Edges - Black Aluminium £132.00£184.50 ex VAT

30mm End Edges – Black Aluminium

30mm x 42mm End Edges up to 2.5m long

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This ‘end’ safety edge measures 30mm x 42mm, and is compliant to with EN12978 & EN ISO 13849-1.

Safety edges are used to protect dangerous closing edges, shearing and trapping edges on electric gates and other automated doors.


The structure of this type of safety edges makes installation really simple and allow retrofitting on site.

The aluminium rail and profile offers the easiest possible installation…Click Fit! There is no need for time-consuming pushing in from the side. This means even a damaged safety edge can be renewed quickly and effortlessly.

They are also highly reliable, even in unusual applications, with 3 sealing layers and separate contact strips. The optimally designed profile shape also guarantees the greatest possible switching reliability.

Please note – safety edges are made to order so delivery can take up to 3 working days.

  • 2M cable
  • Black Aluminium Profile
  • Rubber Profile: EPE030/042A0V0
  • Mounting Rail: AP-5
  • Activation Distance: 6 mm
  • Switch Point Force: 60N
  • Overtravel*
  • 250N: 18 mm
  • 400N: 20 mm


This product  listing is a ‘End Edge’ which means it can be daisy chained to one or several ‘through edges’ or used on its own.

The diagram shows how they all fit together. Please note that the controller can only handle up to 4 safety edges.


We are a Gate Safe registered installer, which means we will follow every safety directive to the last letter and have done for over 30 years.

Safety is a huge part of gate automation and every gate install should be fitted with the necessary safety devices, fitted, force tested and CE marked by a registered gate installer. This EU directive was issued in the wake of two deaths occurring as a result of gate automation equipment.

If you want to know more about gate safety and how it relates to your gate installation then please contact us on 01282 677300


visit this page for more information about the use of safety equipment on standard installs »

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