Videx 506-T 12V AC Relay
Videx 506-T 12V AC Relay £25.46 ex. VAT
LiftMaster SUB 324 EVO 24v Double Underground Electric Gate Kit £714.00£784.00 ex. VAT

120mm Diameter U- Groove Wheel

A 120mm wheel with a U Groove used for large sliding gates. The wheel will run along a length of our pre-formed zinc tracking (supplied separately).

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120mm Dia. U-Groove Wheel

The gate will run along the pre-formed zinc plated track, the top of the track is shaped like a U so it will run perfectly along this edge.

If you have lots of heavy traffic it may be a good idea to support the track in some way or support the weight of the vehicles passing over it. An extreme example would be to cut a channel in the floor so that the top of the track is flush with the road surface. The full weight of the vehicles will never reach the track.

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