For cantilever gates, please choose a motor which is rated for double the weight of your gate i.e. if your gate is 500kgs, choose a motor rated for 1000kgs.

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LiftMaster SLY 500k 230v Electric Sliding Gate Opener

64/12 £365.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster SLY 524 24V Electric Sliding Gate Opener

64/13A £385.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster SLY 1000k 230V Electric Sliding Gate Opener

64/13 £399.00 ex. VAT

FAAC C720 Electric Sliding Gate Kit

68/5 £383.00 ex. VAT

FAAC C721 Sliding Gate Automation Kit

68/51 £592.00 ex. VAT

BFT ARES ULTRA BT A1000 Sliding Gate Automation Kit

70/40C £839.00 ex. VAT

BFT ICARO ULTRA AC A Sliding Gate Automation Kit

70/40A £823.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BULL 624ESA Sliding Gate Kit

72/7C £450.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 741 230V Sliding Gate Motor

68/7 £602.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 740 230V Sliding Gate Motor

68/6 £475.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 844 230V Commercial Sliding Gate Motor

68/8 £1,040.00 ex. VAT
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