Roger Technology is the first company to offer brushless gate automation.


The motors are a digital brushless motor with a permanent magnetic field, the control board is also digital which gets rid of your standard relays which can be prone to sticking or failing. Brushless motors are designed for super intensive use and a 99% efficiency. Regardless of many operations the motor performs in a day, the temperature will remain cold or never be over the outside temperature.

Wiring the motors couldn’t be simpler with the all-new 3-wire system. If you are needing to replace an old automation system, you will have enough cabling in place to avoid having to pull new cables across. Thanks to the digital technology, it is able to detect an obstacle and reverse the motor instantly, by specifying the torque of the motor, the sensitivity, time and travel of the reversal.

A few more great impacts these brushless motors have, is the near absence of noise during all its movements. They have an extremely low energy consumption and absorption levels, for example, a 600kg sliding gate can be moved using less than 30W of power as the digital controller operates at a low 36V DC. With a constant force and torque at every part of the gate movement, even when going into the slowdown movements, unlike conventional motors which drops power to slow the gates down, sometimes causing them to stall.

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