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Bat TP Wireless Battery Powered Infra Red Safety Beams

Bat. P wireless infra-red safety beams
£80.00 ex. VAT

Beninca 24V Brainy24 CB Battery Back Up Kit

Beninca 24v Brainy24 cb Battery Back Up Kit. This is a battery back up kit for the Brainy 24v control panel, this means that you
£108.00 ex. VAT

Beninca 5m EVA5 24V Barrier

This is the Beninca Eva 5 Security Road Barrier Kit. It has been designed to be a highly visible method of stopping traffic from
£1,095.00 ex. VAT

Beninca 7m EVA7 24v Barrier

Beninca EVA7 Security Road Barrier Kit
£1,650.00 ex. VAT

Beninca AW Long Range Aerial

Beninca Long Range Aerial
£19.99 ex. VAT

Beninca BE.CODE Wireless Digital Keypad

Beninca Wireless Keypad. Can be retro fitted to any Beninca automation system. The perfect entry to your gates using a 4 digit number.
£86.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BILL 30M 230V Double kit

The Beninca BILL 30M features the amazing HEADY control panel.
£445.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BILL 50M 230V Double kit

The BILL 50M is a high spec. 230V electro-mechanical arm actuator for gate leaves up to 5.0m in width. With a duty cycle rate of
£495.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Bob 3024E 24V Double Kit

The Beninca BOB 3024E is a 24v system featuring the advanced BRAINY control panel.
£625.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BOB 30ME 230V Double Arm Kit

Beninca BOB 30ME 230V Above Ground Automation Kit
£559.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Bob 5024E 24V Double kit

The 24V motor allows intensive use and has an impressive 9 second opening time.
£799.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BOB 50ME 230v Double Kit

Beninca Bob 50me 230v Above Ground Automation Kit
£749.00 ex. VAT

Beninca BULL 624ESA Sliding Gate Kit

The motor is designed for intensive use
£450.00 ex. VAT

Beninca DU.350NV Electric Double Underground Gate Kit

Very, heavy duty 230V electromechanical underground motors which will work on both residential and commercial gates of up to 3.5m per leaf.
£1,099.00 ex. VAT

Beninca DU.IT14N 230V Double Kit

Beninca DU.IT14N 230V double gate opener kit.
£860.00 ex. VAT

Beninca DU.IT14NV 230V Fast Double Underground Kit

The Beninca DU.350NV IS A 230v electromechanical underground motor designed and built to compete with and surpass the performance of any equivalent hydraulic operator.
£860.00 ex. VAT

Beninca DU.IT24NVE 24V Fast Double Underground Kit

The DU.IT 24NVE is a 24V electro-mechanical underground motor for gate leaves up to 3.5m in width.
£925.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Electro Magnetic Lock – 500Kgs Force

Beninca 500Kgs Magnetic Lock.
£97.50 ex. VAT

Beninca Light and Aerial 230V LAMPI.LED

Beninca Light and Aerial
£29.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Light and Aerial 24V LAMPI24.LED

Beninca Light and Aerial 24v
£29.50 ex. VAT

Beninca PR.45E24 24V Double Articulated Arms Kit

The compass operator has strong, anti-shearing arms with 'Amperometric Obstacle Detection'
£749.00 ex. VAT
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