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LiftMaster CB-11 Advanced Control Board

66/2 £145.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster CB22 Advanced Control Board

66/2A £135.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster CB-24K Advanced Control Board with Housing

66/2B £290.90 ex. VAT

LiftMaster CB124 24v Control Board with Housing

66/2D £267.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster CB-400 Advanced Control Board

66/5 £180.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster CB202 24V Sliding Gate Control Board

66/6 £154.00 ex. VAT

BFT Rigel 6 230V Swing Gate Control Board

71/60 £263.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Heady 230V Control Panel

73/6a £149.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Heady 24V Control Panel

73/6d £169.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Brainy 230V Control Panel

73/6b £146.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Brainy 24V Control Panel

73/6c £175.00 ex. VAT

FAAC E024 S Control board

69/4 £192.00 ex. VAT

FAAC E124 24V Control Board

69/6 £240.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 455D 230V Control Board 790917

69/5 £179.00 ex. VAT
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