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Aerials & Antennas
Photocell Sensors
Electro Mechanical & Magnetic Gate Locks
Stops & Limit Switches
Battery Back-Up

Pair of LiftMaster 772E Fail Safe Infrared Safety Photocells

66/32 £33.00 ex. VAT

BFT DESME Pair of Infra Red Photocells (Replaces C130)

71/10A £77.00 ex. VAT

FAAC XP20B D BUS Infra Red Photocells

69/3A £65.00 ex. VAT

FAAC XP20W D Wireless Infra Red Sensor Photocells

69/3B £74.00 ex. VAT

Bat TP Wireless Battery Powered Infra Red Safety Beams

73/2B £80.00 ex. VAT

Beninca FTC.S Fixed Lens 24V Photocells

73/2E £48.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Pupilla 180 Photocells

73/2 £40.00 ex. VAT

Beninca IRI.CELL PUPILLA Photocell Anti-Vandal Covers

73/2C £46.50 ex. VAT

Beninca PUPILLA.B Battery Photocells with Solar Charger

73/2D £97.50 ex. VAT

Beninca COL.05N Photocell Posts (for FTC.S)

73/2F £67.00 ex. VAT

Beninca COL.12N Dual Height Photocell Posts (for FTC.S)

73/2G £119.00 ex. VAT

Beninca COL.P Photocell Posts (for PUPILLA)

73/2H £49.00 ex. VAT

Beninca CEM Cement in Foundation Plate for COL Photocell Posts

73/2I £22.00 ex. VAT

Pair of LiftMaster 772vpe Anti Vandal Covers for 772e

66/32A £24.00 ex. VAT

Pair of LiftMaster 772ape Anti Vandal Back Plates for 772e

66/32B £22.00 ex. VAT

Pair of LiftMaster 77c1 Aluminium Posts for 772e

66/32C £62.00 ex. VAT

SRS EMU 500-10 Water Resistant Electro Magnetic Lock

66/93A £126.40 ex. VAT

Z & L Mounting Brackets for SRS EM500-10 Magnetic Lock

66/93D £47.35 ex. VAT

1201 SM-1 SRS 12V 1 Amp DC PSU

66/93B £35.65 ex. VAT

Beninca Electro Magnetic Lock – 500Kgs Force

73/7A £97.50 ex. VAT

BFT ES500 Water Resistant Magnetic Lock – 500Kgs Force

71/25 £139.00 ex. VAT
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