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Beninca BULL 624ESA Sliding Gate Kit

The motor is designed for intensive use
£450.00 ex. VAT

BFT ARES ULTRA BT A1000 Sliding Gate Automation Kit

The BFT ARES is a commercially graded sliding gate opener which can be used intensively each day. Easy to set up and requires little
£839.00 ex. VAT

BFT ICARO ULTRA AC A Sliding Gate Automation Kit

The BFT ICARO ULTRA AC A sliding gate motor is a commercially graded operator which can be used consistently throughout the day.
£823.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 740 230V Sliding Gate Motor

The FAAC 740 is a sliding gate motor which can be used for both residential and light commercial use.
£475.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 741 230V Sliding Gate Motor

The FAAC 741 is a 230v sliding gate motor with the features of a 24v system.
£602.00 ex. VAT

FAAC 844 230V Commercial Sliding Gate Motor

The FAAC 844 is a heavy duty commercial sliding gate operator with anti-crush clutch technology.
£1,040.00 ex. VAT

FAAC C720 Electric Sliding Gate Kit

The FAAC C720 sliding gate kit is a 24v system for residential gates.
£383.00 ex. VAT

FAAC C721 Sliding Gate Automation Kit

The FAAC C721 24v sliding gate motor is rated for both residential and commercial use.
£592.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster SLY 1000k 230V Electric Sliding Gate Opener

The LiftMaster SLY 1000 is a electric sliding gate opener for gates up to 10m in width. This is a versatile sliding gate opener
£399.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster SLY 500k 230v Electric Sliding Gate Opener

The LiftMaster SLY 500 electric sliding gate kit will suit most residential requirements.
£365.00 ex. VAT

LiftMaster SLY 524 24V Electric Sliding Gate Opener

The LiftMaster SLY 524 24v electric sliding gate motor is a versatile and durable operator that will suit most residential gates up to 8m
£385.00 ex. VAT
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