How much do aesthetics matter with electric gates?


Aesthetics matter to every homeowner. Although your primary motive for installing an electric gate automation solution will undoubtedly be security, you’ll also probably be thinking about how your new electric gate will complement the look of your property and how much value it could add. In this respect, the choice of design, the colours and the finish you choose will all play a role. So, let’s take a more detailed look at how much aesthetics matter when you’re choosing an electric gate.

Choosing gates that match the style of your home

Electric gates can provide your home with an impression of grandeur. Depending on the exact style of electric gate you choose, your gate may feature ornate details or grand touches, which can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. First impressions make a big difference, and a set of electric gates that match the exterior of your home can certainly add the ‘wow factor’. (You’ll have no problems impressing visitors and passers-by alike!)

Remember though, electric gates come in a wide variety of models, colours and styles. This means it’s simple to choose between traditional, classic and contemporary looks. So don’t worry too much about how grand your new gate will look – you’ll have no shortage of options there! Instead, you’ll make much better use of your time and energy by spending it on considering on how well the gate will match the style of your property. For example, while iron gates make a stunning feature for a period property, composite gates are better suited to modern town houses.


Aesthetically pleasing electric gates add value

If you select electric gates that successfully complement your existing aesthetic, then you can end up adding a great deal of value to your property – by some estimates, the presence of an electric gate can add up to 5% to the value of your home.

When appraising your home, many estate agents (and potential buyers), will see the added value that’s provided by an additional security measure like an electric gate. Plus, you may also find that some insurance companies will lower your premiums if you have an electric gate installed. Insurance companies are willing to do this because they know that the gates make your home more secure, and less likely to suffer from a burglary or break-in than others in the local area.

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