Gate Safety Alert for Cold Weather

As we face colder weather, it’s important to prioritise safety when it comes to your electric gate. Don’t forget to perform regular and basic maintenance checks on your gate.

🚧 Ensure your photocells are frost-free – as any obstruction can prevent the gate from opening and closing properly, putting safety at risk.

❄️ Remember to check the safety on the gate and that it is working as normal. Pressure sensors behave differently in the cold; they might need more force to operate effectively.

🔧 Keep hinges lubricated to prevent freezing, but only do so in dry conditions.

❄️Make sure that any snow / ice build-up is cleared from swing and sliding gates to enable safe and reliable operation.


Always seek out a suitably trained and competent professional to check the gate is safe and to carry out required (six-monthly minimum) regular maintenance checks.

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