What type of electric gates should I choose for my home?

Electric Gates

Automated gates offer a fantastic range of practical and aesthetic advantages for any type of property, offering useful security benefits while enhancing its sense of overall style. However, it can be tricky to make your final decision as to exactly what type of automated gates you want for your property.
At the most basic level, electric gate kits come in two main varieties: swing gates, and sliding gates. Both sliding gates and swing gates have different strengths and material qualities, making them suitable for different settings and environments. It’s not just about a matter of personal preference – you’ll also need to ensure that you’re choosing a gate that suits the space you have available. Here are some of the key points to consider, which should make it easier for you to decide what gate to buy.

Electric sliding gates

There are various different types of sliding gates, but they all share the same key characteristic; these electric gates are designed to retract into a gap to clear the way, often using a set of wheels at the base of the gate. The wheels either have a V or U groove, running along a track in the ground, with toothed racking attached to the length of the rear of the gate connected to the motor. If you’re thinking about going for a sliding gate, the first thing to do is to make sure that there is enough room for the gate to slide in, so that they can open completely.

Key advantages

  • Sliding gates take up less room compared to swing gates, which means you can make the most of potentially limited driveway space.
  • Sliding gates are robust in appearance, providing a solid visual deterrent (and challenging physical barrier) to prevent anyone looking to gain entry.
  • There are no gaps for the wind to pass through, so the themselves are not affected by wind resistance.
  • If your driveway slopes left to right, or your premises are located on uneven ground, a set of suspended cantilever gates are a great choice, as their design enables them to be used on any kind of surface. This is particularly useful if your house is at the top of a hill, or your workplace is somewhere gravelly and uneven.

Electric swing gates

Swing gates are electric gates where the doors swing inwards or outwards, like doors, and are usually made up of two gates which open in the middle. Unlike with a sliding gate, which is moved along a track controlled by a motor, swing gates are moved by mechanical arms and rods that are attached to the gates themselves.

There are two types of motor to consider when purchasing an electric swing gate:

  • Above-ground motor: The articulated arm motor has a hinged arm which acts like a pincer – the motor is attached to the post or pillar and the end of the jointed arm attaches to the gate itself.
  • Underground motor: These gate kits are tucked away underground and can open the gates up to 180° from where they started. This increased flexibility can be ideal for homes or businesses who might have limited space on their driveways or premises.

Electric Swing Gates

Key advantages

  • When it comes to opening and closing, swing gates have a shorter distance to move, so they possess shorter operating cycles than some other types of electric gate.
  • Due to the simpler construction and installation, swing gates are generally cheaper, so if you have a relatively limited budget, they are probably the best ones to consider first.
  • If you have a relatively narrow driveway, then swing gates may well be your best option. Due to the fact they swing open rather than retract horizontally, you don’t need to account for any extra space needed along the sides.

Types of swing gate include:
Bi-fold gates are normal swing gates that have been cut in half, requiring around half the space needed to open. However, they may need overhead rails that guide the gate open and closed, which could limit the height of vehicles that can pass through.

So, which is best for you?

Both sliding and swing gates each have their own advantages, but the final decision is ultimately down to the layout of your driveway and how much room you have available. If you need a bit of help though, we’re happy to provide more detailed advice and in-depth answers to your questions right here at Gate Auto.

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