cast iron electric gate

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to fit electric gate openers to their driveway gates. Electric gate openers have many advantages but here are 3 of our top reasons for having them!



What says ‘Luxury’ better than a smoothly operating set of electric gates when you approach the driveway. Electric gate systems provide the ultimate first impression to potential buyers as they pull up to view the property and the gates swiftly move aside for them.

It is not worth overlooking the value that this kind of kerb appeal can provide in terms of making your property more desirable to buyers, whilst making it stand head and shoulders above other homes they may be viewing.

By making this kind of statement at the very first point that they enter the driveway, it helps to convey the impression that the property is exceptionally maintained in every aspect which will make for a more positive viewing experience.

Even if you aren’t selling your home…there is nothing more satisfying than watching your gates magically open in front of you as you arrive home!



Picture the scene… it’s raining, dark and you’ve just driven home from a long days work. You get soaking wet whilst manually opening your gates, before then running back down the driveway to close them behind you. What a miserable end to your day!

By fitting an electric gate opener to your gates, the above scenario will never happen again. At the simple touch of a button from inside your car, your gates will automatically open and close securely behind you!


The other convenient benefit to having an electric gate system is that when combined with an intercom, you can easily deal with visitors to your gates, without having to leave your property. You can allow or deny entry simply and safely using a button on a handset phone or a video panel. This is especially convenient to the elderly who may not be able to quickly get to their gates or for properties with long driveways.



Your home is your castle and you want to feel secure and away from prying eyes when you’re at home!

Cold callers can be a real nuisance coming to your front door without invitation so a set of electric security gates, coupled with an intercom will keep these pesky visitors at bay.

Prowlers, potentially casing your property will get no further than your front gate…same goes for nosey neighbours trying to check out your prize azaleas!

Also, there is real comfort provided when you are away from your home at work or on holiday that can be given by have an electric gate system. You can relax knowing that your gates are closed and no one is able to access your driveway.


We have over 30 years experience in electric gate kits and are always on hand to help you choose the best solution (whatever your reasons for wanting one) so please get in touch with us on 01282 677300.