cast iron electric gates

In terms of frequently asked questions about automatic gate openers, this one ranks quite highly!

All automatic gate kits we sell come with 2 remote controls as standard which is usually enough for a 2 car family home. But what if your family is bigger, or you have grounds staff or regular visitors that you wish to have simple access without having to exit their vehicle? Or….what if you lose one of your remotes?!

This is not a problem! Despite the process differing between manufacturers, they are all pretty straight forward to do.

BFT generally use a cloning system where the remote controls are programmed directly from each other whereas Liftmaster use a ‘Learn’ function on the control panel to synchronise the remote controls signal with the panel.

Most of our manufacturers will support up to 250 remote controls being associated with the electric gate kits control board as standard, with no need for any additional receivers. The Liftmaster control boards can accept up to 1000 remotes with the addition of the ‘Star 1000’ receiver!

All kits come complete with instructions as to how to programme them with the control panel on your automatic gate opener and we are on hand for telephone support to take you step by step through the process.

What if your automated gate kit was installed a long time ago?

As technology advances, so does the equipment supplied by the manufacturers. Old remote control systems are replaced with newer, more secure frequencies and eventually, older technologies are phased out over periods of time. In some cases, you may find your remote control has been discontinued and no longer available to buy so you may need to buy an additional receiver for your control panel so it will operate with the new version remotes. Automatic gate kit manufacturers will always ensure that a compatible option will be available and produce universal remotes for automatic gate kits of all ages.

If you cannot find the remote control to go with your automatic gate kit, please give us a call on 01282 677300 and we can advise you of the replacement alternatives and any extra equipment you may require.

Do you need to change batteries in your remote control?

Yes, periodically, the batteries will need to be replaced. Simply ease or unscrew the back from the casing and check what battery type is required – you will find this information etched on to the battery itself.