automatic gate

If you are thinking of adding an electric gate kit to your driveway gates, you will understandably be wanting to know how deep your pockets need to be to achieve this!

Many people make the mistake of doing a quick Google search, see a cheap, imported electric gate kit for £300 and are fooled in to thinking that is what it’s going to cost them. Unfortunately, with electric gate automation, you really do get what you pay for; and the type of gate that you have will ultimately determine how much budget you will need to allocate.


It is best to be realistic about the costs regarding electric gate openers from the off and take the following factors in to account…

Fit for Purpose
The most important thing is finding the automatic gate kit that is right for your gate type and the way that you use it. Some gates place far more demand on motors; such as closed boarded gates which act like a sail in the wind. The higher the grade of motor required, the higher the price point goes. You will always pay more for a hydraulic system than most electromechanical ones for example, however, they will typically last for far longer with very little maintenance.

If you have a sliding or cantilever gate then you will need to take in to account for the hardware that will be required to make them run.
Cantilever gates need a concrete pad at the drive end, toothed racking, carriages, U track and end stops. Sliding gates need toothed racking, ground track, rollers, guides and end stops.
Do not forget to provision for the expense of this hardware when you are costing up your automatic gate equipment.

To comply with safety legislation, your gates will need additional safety devices than that which comes with the standard automatic gate kit.
A second set of photocells may be needed and you will also need safety edges on all crushing, trapping & shearing points. Your risk assessment will help to identify these areas for you and we are happy to guide you if you give us a call on 01282 677300.

You will need to pay a professional installer to fit your automatic gate kit. The installer will have completed various training courses and own specialist equipment; this all comes at a cost for their expertise in the field.
• Risk assessment
• Certificated training
• DHF or Gate Safe membership
• CE marking
• Extensive knowledge of current safety measures
• Tools specific to the trade such as force testers & welders
• Force Testing
• etc

Beyond just being able to open and close your gate with a remote, you may also want to add extras to your automatic gate kit such as intercoms, GSM modules, loop detectors, push buttons and keypads.
These range in price depending on how sophisticated the technology and often how aesthetically pleasing they are. The budget ranges of intercoms will allow a caller at your gate to call you via a handset in your home. Premium range intercoms can allow video calling direct to your mobile phone which can be a huge benefit for both security and convenience.

It is fair to expect that there will be some ongoing maintenance costs with your automatic gate kit. Like any machine, it will require periodical maintenance. Your electric gate installer should be able to provide an annual service package where your gates will be force tested to ensure they are safe and all mechanical parts will be checked and greased, keeping it running efficiently for the rest of the year.


Is it worth the investment?
Adding an automatic gate kit to your driveway gates has several main advantages. It adds value and prestige to your property, maximises your home security and most of all is the convenience of easy access; and that is worth every penny!