6 factors that influence the cost of automating your gate

automatic electric gate

Automating your gate with one of our electric gate kits provides numerous security and safety benefits when it comes to your property or premises, like access control and extra protection from burglary or trespassing. If you’re thinking about automating your gate, there are a few things to consider beforehand that will affect the price. This includes anything from the type of automation you’d like to implement, to the size and weight of your gate.

Here at Gate Auto, we recognise the importance of sticking to a budget, so here we’re breaking down the necessary factors that influence the price of automating your gates – so you can make an informed decision on what’s best for you.

The method of access control

The method of access control you choose will undoubtedly affect the overall price of your automatic gate. If you have the budget available, then the Remootio end-to-end encrypted Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart remote controller is a fantastic option. This electric gate opener offers all home integrations, automatic opening and multiple smartphone connection options. Additionally, this smart controller is compatible with Samsung, Amazon’s Alexa and more. We also offer intercom systems which can call your mobile/landline phones, allowing you to grant access to visitors by using the keypad on your phone. These types of systems will also allow you to open the gate by calling the GSM number as you approach the gates.

The size and weight of your gate

The size of your gate will influence the price of automation, but one of the main factors is wind. Or, more accurately, how much wind passes through your gate. If your gates are closed-boarded and wind cannot pass through, we recommend contacting one of our experts and they will advise you on which gate kit is best suited to your gates’ specifications. 

If you have a large, closed-boarded gate, it goes without saying that it’s more than likely going to be quite heavy. So, we’d recommend an aboveground ram type system as they offer the most power for opening and closing weightier gates. Very rarely is a gate ever too heavy for one of our systems, but we always encourage our customers to send us an estimated weight of the gate they’re looking to automate so we can be 100% sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

However, if your existing gates aren’t close-boarded then above-ground swing gate kits are the more economical and cost-friendly choice. This is mainly due to the amount of labour involved (or lack thereof), because the kit is above ground there’s generally no need for any gate removal or digging at any of the installation. 

The material your gate is made out of

The material that your gate is made of will also play a part in influencing the price of automation. So, if your gate is made of heavy-duty metal like wrought iron and is clad with hardwood, composite, or steel, it’s likely to cost slightly more than lightweight fencing materials or an open-barred design (that allows wind to pass through). All the latest automation systems offer 230v, 24v or 36v with the low voltage systems offering battery backup.

It’s important to consider the reasons why you’re automating your gate when choosing a gate and gate kit. If you’re looking for easy home access, then a lightweight option generally works like a charm. However, if it’s enhanced security you’re after, it may be wise to consider a heavier-duty gate.

The method of opening your gates

Once you’ve considered all the above points, it’s time to choose the method in which your gate will open. Methods of opening typically fall into two categories, and they are swing gate and sliding gates. These opening methods can be utilised for both the standard in-ground track slider or cantilever sliding gates. A cantilever sliding kit is a great option for uneven drives as they allow the gate to hover across the driveway despite the groundwork being unlevelled.

Swing gates however, open outwards or inwards. Swing gates can have either one or two ‘wings’. The specific requirements of your home or premises will determine which gate kit will be the solution for you. Sliding gates need space to slide sideways, but typically don’t require as much space as swing gates. So, if you have a short drive, sliding gates may be the better choice for you.

The type of gate motor your gate will need

Our underground swing gate kits are slightly more intensive to install, but they are by far the most discreet option in terms of aesthetics because they’re neatly tucked away underground. In case you’re wondering, the reason they’re so intensive to install is because underground drainage systems are paramount to ensure the motors don’t become waterlogged and stop functioning. (Motors can withstand moisture to a certain degree, but they do not want to be standing permanently in water.)

On the other hand, articulated arm gate motors are used for swing gates that are mounted between two brick pillars. A standard arm cannot be used on these types of gate installations – instead, each gate has a specially-designed articulated arm which connects to the motor on the back of each pillar. This articulated arm wraps around the width of the pillar, and connects to the motor.

How often will your gates be in use?

It’s important to find a gate kit that both suits your needs, and is able to reliably perform as required. Each time your gate opens and closes, this is referred to as a duty cycle. The number of duty cycles your gate needs to perform each day will influence which gate kit is best suited to your home or business.

Gate kits for residential use can comfortably open and close as many times as needed for a family to come and go from a single shared property. A multi resident property (like a block of apartments for example) will need a gate kit that can cope with higher demand since the number of duty cycles it needs to perform will be significantly greater.

For commercial settings where usage can be quite intense, or the gates need to open wide enough to accommodate larger vehicles, a gate kit rated for light commercial use is generally the best option. And for heavier commercial or industrial settings, where the gate is in near-constant operation all day, gate kits rated for intensive usage will be what you need. Hydraulic operators and some of the lower voltage operators are usually the preferred option in these scenarios as they require less maintenance, and they’re more durable.

The number of cycles your gate needs to perform will be another factor that will have a noticeable impact on the price, but it’s important to choose a gate kit that is best suited to your needs to ensure it performs efficiently and effectively, otherwise you could end up replacing the motors more frequently (or the motors could go into thermal cutout).

And of course, if you ever need any advice narrowing down your choices, we’re always happy to assist you here at Gate Auto. We have over 30 years of experience supplying and fitting high-quality gate automation, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

If you have no idea of what electric gate kit you think you need, why not fill out one of our site assessment forms? These handy forms will help our experts to assess your gate and the surrounding areas and make a recommendation on what they think would best suit your property and needs. Or, if you’d prefer, you can speak to a member of our friendly team on 01282 677300 and we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice by phone!