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As we write, the darker nights are steadily drawing in again. That means the ever-present concern of driveway security may already be weighing a bit more heavily on your mind. Most major thefts are committed under cover of darkness, so it makes sense to be a bit more concerned about driveway security at this time of year. 

Happily, with more than 30 years of experience behind us in electric gate kits and access control measures here at Gate Auto, we’ve got a couple of top tips for you to help keep your driveway secure – both now and all year round! 

Keep your driveway clear and tidy, and windows covered

OK, so we’re starting with one that might feel a little left-of-field. Just as those signs warn you in public car parks – it’s always best to keep your valuables out of sight, as it reduces temptation for passers-by. That means if possible, clearing your car (or cars) of anything that looks like it may be expensive, such as satellite navigation systems, or other types of in-car tech. Large bags and boxes are probably better off going inside as well. 

It’s also a good plan to park your cars neatly, and keep your driveway clear of piles of junk, like old furniture or electronics. Not only does this make the space easier to use, but it also maximises the effectiveness of other security measures, like lights and cameras (which we’ll come onto in just a moment). 

Signpost your driveway

A signpost warning something to the effect of “this driveway is monitored” – or something similar – is one of the simplest and cheapest deterrents, and it can be surprisingly effective as long as it’s paired with other complementary security measures. (For example, “beware of the dog” is unlikely to deter passers-by if you patently do not have a dog.)

A simple warning sign capitalises on one of the best and worst things about prospective thieves is that the majority are opportunists. And while that means they’re theoretically easily tempted, it also means that lots are easily deterred too. Especially when you combine a prominent sign with…

Lights and cameras

A proper lighting system for your driveway can’t be overstated in terms of the security benefits it provides. Any prospective intruder, no matter how experienced or inexperienced, absolutely hates being lit up like a Christmas tree. It massively increases the risk they’ll be spotted and thus interrupted – or worse, apprehended. They prefer the darkness; so you can considerably boost your driveway’s security by doing everything you can to eliminate that, whether that’s by using automatic driveway lights on timers, or on motion sensors, or simply semi-permanent decorations. 

And of course, visible security cameras go a long way to serving as a deterrent too – especially if you own commercial premises. Night vision cameras can be useful, to be on the safe side, it’s worth putting them high enough to be tamper-proof. They don’t necessarily have to be invulnerable – just annoying enough to reach that people decide it’s not worth the effort to try and attempt it. 

Access control systems

This is a pretty essential security measure if you run a commercial business, and you may have one installed already. If not, it’s really something to consider – you may be running the risk of someone walking in claiming to be staff or a visitor, and helping themselves to your assets (whether that’s stock, equipment, machinery, or even plain old cash). 

With a sophisticated access control system in place though, you can have complete peace of mind for your assets if you’re a business owner, and for your family and sense of safety and security if you’re at home. (Home intrusions can be particularly scary, even if you’re not present at the time.)

It’s no secret that access control systems work best when they’re paired with a solid set of automatic electric gates – and that’s exactly where we can help here at Gate Auto. For over 30 years here at Gate Auto we have been supplying and fitting high-quality gate automation. We provide a wide range of electric gate kits, garage door openers and many more accessories, so you can get the most out of your gates. Feel free to browse our ranges right here on our site or give us a call on 01282 677300!