Are you looking for a set of electric gates?

Exclusively through our sister company North Valley Forge we can offer a wide variety of driveway or estate gates which are fully automated. We are members of both Gate Safe and DHF which ensures you get only the best standard of workmanship and safety.

From bespoke Sliding Wooden Gates to beautifully crafted Wrought Iron Gates, the possibilities are endless. With all gates made bespoke to order, we can design anything to suit both your budget and style.

With so many installs carried out yearly we can proudly state we are The Electric Gate Experts so why choose anyone else?

We will happily walk you through all the options available to you so just call us today on 01282 677300.

Are you looking to automate your existing gates?

We offer a variety of kits that would be perfect for automating your gates.

Below are a few of the advantanges for each of the types of gate opening mechanism.

Advantages of Underground Gate Kits


Hides the automation which is great for iron gates.
Replaces the bottom hinge of your gate.
Digging is required so this is perfect if you are planning to resurface your driveway.
The most aesthetically pleasing automation choice.

Advantages of Above Ground Arm Kits

A cheaper and easy to maintain option.
Simple installation with manual release function.
No groundwork required.
Your gates do not need to be taken off to install the arms.

Advantages of Sliding / Cantilever Gate Kits

The most secure option for electric gates.
Great for driveways with limited parking room.
Unlike swing gate openers these can be used on sloped driveways.
Sliding and cantilever gates use the same type of motors.

In order to choose the right kit you will need an idea of how heavy your gates are and the dimensions of it.

There are other determining factors so please see this comprehensive guide to choosing the right automation.

All of the electric gate kits we offer state on the product pages what weight/size gate they are most suited for. We only recommend that a qualified electrician who is registered with the Door & Hardware Federation carry out your install. There are many safety regulations that need to be considered to ensure your gates operate without incident.

If you need any safety information, recommendation or help with products please contact our experts on 01282 677300.

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