Are electric gates an affordable home security solution in 2024?

We’re already making headway into a brand new year, which means it’s still an excellent time to be taking stock, and making plans for 2024. And if you’re weighing up your finances and your plans for your home, you may well be wondering – are electric gates an affordable home security solution in 2024? 

Of course, the precise answer will depend on what you’re after, and the budget you’ve got to work with – but automated gate kits are often more affordable than you might think. Crucially, they’re capable of providing value in a variety of direct and indirect ways. Here are some of the most pivotal! 

A valuable deterrent for maximum peace of mind

Most home intrusions are opportunistic crimes, which is one of the main reasons why automated gates can be such an excellent deterrent. First and foremost, they present an imposing physical barrier – and it’s worth remembering that anything that looks like it’ll make unauthorised entry even slightly more difficult will be more than enough to put off most opportunistic would-be intruders.

Scaling or forcing open a gate takes time, makes noise, and often presents the danger of injury too. At best, it’s going to open up the risk of drawing attention – and if there’s one thing unauthorised intruders don’t want, it’s attention. For that reason alone, automated gates are highly useful for providing that all-important peace of mind.

Automated gates don’t require a huge up-front investment

Automated gate kits themselves are quite affordable, whether you’re looking at installing new gates or automating a set of existing ones. We offer an extensive range of accessories and supplementary technology here at Gate Auto, but you don’t necessarily need to have the budget for everything you’d like before taking the first steps – you can start with automated gates, and work your way up from there. Doing it this way round also makes it easier to understand exactly what you need to suit your requirements, which you can work out over time.

They can help you save money on insurance premiums

The extra security that gates offer provides direct protection for your home, and also several additional advantages too. Not only can you enjoy the extra peace of mind yourself, but you can also benefit from the peace of mind they provide for your insurers – since your belongings and cars will be made safer by the addition of security gates, insurers will often judge you to be less likely to make a claim. That means they’re more likely to offer you reduced insurance premiums, putting more money in your pocket in the long term.

Automated gates put extra value on your home

That security value and peace of mind certainly has a wide range of benefits: not only does it apply to you personally and your insurers, but it’s also often reassuring to buyers of your home too. That means if you’re putting your home on the market, you may well find that automated gates increase the value of your home. Some estimates put this increase at as much as 5% – which doesn’t sound like much, but could end up the equivalent of tens of thousands of pounds.

Those are just some of the most universal reasons why it’s worth investing in automated gate kits in 2024 – when it comes to your own home, you may find you’re able to enjoy even more specific benefits! And of course, if you decide to go ahead with it, you’re in exactly the right place.

For over 30 years here at Gate Auto, we’ve been supplying and fitting high-quality gate automation. We provide a wide range of electric gate kits, garage door openers and many more accessories, so you can get the most out of your gates. Feel free to browse our ranges right here on our site or give us a call on 01282 677300 – we’re always happy to help!