Advantages of Automating Your Gates for Commercial Businesses

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We recently covered the advantages of gate automation for your manual gates at home – and when it comes to making the switch to automatic gates for your business, similar benefits apply! As far as security barriers go, few are as efficient and convenient as automated gates. They offer a much higher level of security than other options and allow for more control when it comes to access, which are just some of the benefits automated gates have to offer.

Physically protects your premises

One of the most obvious tangible benefits of automated gates is that their enhanced ability to block unauthorised people from entering your premises. They’re a particularly effective barrier against potential thieves attempting to enter your facility after service hours. One of the key advantages of gate automation kits are that by either using self-locking hydraulic motors or magnetic locks, they lock the gates on closing, making them almost impossible to push or pull open. (As opposed to normal manual gates, whose security benefits can be completely negated if they’re left unlocked through human error!)

Cuts down on unwanted visitors

Not all uninvited visitors will have such malicious purposes. In fact, far more often you’ll likely find yourself being visited by local businesses, or other enterprising persons attempting to leave cards or contact details. While you may experience similar visits as a private homeowner, for businesses these visits can be even more frequent, and often end up being disruptive and unwelcome. This is especially true if you’re situated on a main road, an industrial estate, or close to a town centre. Automating your security gates can be an effective solution at cutting down on these sorts of cold calls, allowing you to maintain your productivity levels.

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It’s a cost-effective solution

Not everyone considers the fact that gate automation even has the potential to save your business a surprising amount of money. Electric swinging gates can significantly save on time and manpower, since it’s less dependent on staff being physically present to open the gate (and when they are, it often requires no more than the simple touch of a button). This allows existing security staff to divert their resources elsewhere. For smaller businesses, it may even possibly save them the necessity of having to hire new staff (such as dedicated gate attendants).

Greater convenience, saving time for you and employees

Business premises see a much heavier flow of traffic than private homes. Even if you’re a small company which sees little to no visits from clients, you’ll still have several members of staff coming and going from your premises every single day. And if just a few of them go out for lunch every day, or run an errand in the morning, it won’t take long to start fully appreciating the amount of time it takes to open and close a manual gate! And the more staff you have or the more visitors your site receives, the more pronounced the issue becomes.

Using automated electric gates greatly eases the flow of traffic in and out of your premises, saving you and your employees a whole lot of time and effort by making it faster and less frustrating to enter and exit the site. Various technologies can also be combined to ease the flow during high volume traffic periods by allowing the gates to remain latched open on timers during certain times for example.

Makes a positive impression on clients and investors

While it’s not the foremost advantage of gate automation, it can make a memorable first impression on visitors. To begin with, it helps avoid the situation we just touched upon, in which clients can be left waiting in their cars for someone to come down and physically open the gates for them. As well as traffic easing and greater convenience, though, automated sliding gates and similar mechanisms help to project a polished, professional feel on your clients before they’ve even stepped foot across your threshold – which is always a helpful bonus!

What’s more, if the time ever comes to sell your premises, you might find that the added security from gate automation will contribute towards a higher valuing of your site, giving you more capital to invest in your new premises. In short, automating your gates makes your site more convenient, safer and more secure! Why not give us a call today?

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