We stock a range of audio only intercoms to suit all price ranges. From budget intercoms through to top of the range options, all bases are covered.

Audio intercoms are universal and can be connected to any brand of gate operator. These intercoms can either be hard wired or wireless which is easier to install but not always suitable for every situation.

Videx DK4K-1S Audio Intercom with Keypad

£248.14 ex. VAT

Farfisa ClicKit 1-CKSD Audio kit

£45.00 ex. VAT

Videx 4K-1S Audio Intercom

£103.77 ex. VAT


If you want the added security of being able to see who is at your gate, then a video intercom is exactly what you need. Not only can you speak to your visitor, you can also visually confirm their identity or check ID before granting access.

These intercoms come in wired and wireless options for ease of installation. All intercoms are compatible with any brand or type of gate kit.

WiFi-AB Predator Video Intercom

£654.00 ex. VAT

Videx Kristallo Video Intercom

£915.77 ex. VAT

Videx 6000 Colour Video Intercom with Keypad – CVKC8K-1S / 6000

£524.09 ex. VAT


These versatile and cost saving intercoms can be used for residential properties through to large commercial premises and use the latest technology.

GSM intercoms use mobile phone SIM cards so that you can phone the intercom to open your gates and even speak to your visitors from anywhere in the world when your gate calls you!

WiFi-AB Predator Video Intercom

£654.00 ex. VAT

WIFI-ABK Predator Video intercom kit with keypad

£775.00 ex. VAT

Daitem Wireless Audio Intercom Kit with Keypad SC902AU

£385.33 ex. VAT

603-AB DECT Audio Wireless Intercom

£310.00 ex. VAT

Cell Com Prime GSM-5AB/3GE Intercom

£435.00 ex. VAT

Videx GSM4K-1S 1 Way GSM Audio Intercom Kit

£542.36 ex. VAT


Use your existing mobiles or landlines as intercom
handsets using these handy modules.

GSM ‘Call to Open’ Module 2G – Mobile Phone Remote Control

£85.00 ex. VAT

Videx Art.380 Landline Telephone Interface Unit

£230.31 ex. VAT


We have a range of vehicle access solutions for car parks and restricted parking zones.

Beninca 7m EVA7 24v Barrier

£1,650.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Vigilant 24V 500mm Bollard

£3,250.00 ex. VAT

Beninca Vigilant 24V 800mm Bollard

£3,900.00 ex. VAT

Beninca 5m EVA5 24V Barrier

£1,095.00 ex. VAT

500mm BFT Stoppy 500 MBB Bollard

£2,670.00 ex. VAT

700mm BFT Stoppy 700 MBB Bollard

£3,260.00 ex. VAT
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