5 Advantages of underground gate kits for your premises

Underground gate kits are one of a range of different types of gate kits that we offer here at Gate Auto. We understand that it can sometimes be difficult to choose between them when you’re sizing them up for your premises, as each type of gate automation kit has its own distinct advantages. Underground gate kits are no different, offering customers useful qualities and capabilities that aren’t necessarily shared with other above-ground or sliding gate kits.

1. They’re discreet and aesthetically pleasing

If the look of your premises is particularly important to you, underground gate kits are certainly worth considering. Unlike other forms of gate automation, once installed these types of gate kits are only visible by their cover plates, inset into the ground. Many of our customers here at Gate Auto have invested a lot of time, money and energy in getting a certain kind of look for their gates; some because they wish to project a certain kind of impression as a business, others because they simply take a particular kind of pride in the appearance of their homes. Whatever the case, when it comes to aesthetics, the subtle effect of underground gate kits is often ideal.

2. Highly secure and vandal-resistant

Underground gate kits are also exceptionally secure, largely due to the same qualities that make them so aesthetically pleasing. Since there’s almost nothing to see from the outside, these sorts of mechanisms are particularly unlikely to be damaged, defaced or otherwise targeted by would-be thieves or vandals. (They’re equally resistant to more incidental damage, such as water seepage – so you’ve nothing to worry about from the typically mild British weather!)

3. 180-degree capability

Above-ground gate kits are reliant on arms in order to open the gates. The limitation here is that obviously these arms have a limited axis, and can only open the gates up until a certain point. Since underground gate kits are tucked away underground, they’re not bound by this limitation, and can therefore open the gates up to 180° from where they started. This increased flexibility can be ideal for homes or businesses who might have limited space on their driveways or premises, especially if large domestic or commercial vehicles are regularly coming and going.

4. High specification for optimum durability and performance

Electromechanical underground gate kits are typically high-spec, running at higher cycles which enable them to open bigger and heavier gates. Closed boarded gates, for example, which are known for being particularly heavy and suffer from increased wind resistance, can be easily accommodated by these sorts of gate automation kits, where other sorts of systems may struggle. It’s also one of the reasons why underground gate kits often require a little more investment than swing gates; the higher-spec nature of underground gate kits allows them to perform a higher number of opens per day, at no cost to their durability or longevity. Our Beninca DU.350NV electric double underground gate kit is an excellent example; it will easily operate on residential and commercial gates of up to 3.5mm per leaf, and can even outperform equivalent hydraulic operators!

Whether you’re looking for quality underground gate kits, or you’re trying to settle on which sort of gate automation kit is best for your property, we’re only too happy to help here at Gate Auto!

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