4 cool capabilities you can give your intercoms

We’re willing to bet that basically everyone reading this is familiar with the functions of a basic audio intercom – if not as an owner, then certainly as a visitor. The principle is pretty simple; these types of intercoms enables security personnel (or the homeowner) to speak to the person seeking access, so that they can make an informed decision as to whether to admit them.

Now, if you’re looking to enhance the security of your own premises with electric gate automation, it can be easy to forget that modern intercoms offer a huge range of extra functionality, far beyond simple audio. Here are just a few of the most impressive!

Video capability

Arguably one of the most straightforward additions, but still undeniably useful. Intercoms with video capabilities ensure that you can easily see who’s at the gate, so that you can further verify their identity. If you’re not comfortable with letting them in, video capability also allows you to see exactly how they’re dressed and what they’re carrying, so that (for example) you can check to see if they’re from a business or organisation you’re expecting, and that the package or cargo they’re carrying is definitely for you.

Proximity readers

Another simple but practical solution, proximity readers are perfect for authorised personnel, or friends or family members who’ll be coming and going as they please. The technology is obviously quite sophisticated, but the way it interacts is quite straightforward.

Essentially, the proximity reader has its own antenna, which emits a constant short-range radio frequency field. The reader itself, on the other hand, creates an electromagnetic field. When the access key (whether that’s a card or a fob, or something else) is held within that operating field, it transmits a unique identification number. If that number gets approved, a signal is then transmitted to open the door.

It’s particularly useful for enabling people to come and go in high-traffic areas like internal meeting rooms and similar areas within commercial buildings, where manual checks by security guards might be impractical.

proximity readers

Control your gate’s intercom from your phone

Now, here’s where things get really clever. The ability to control your gate’s intercom with your phone is all based on GSM technology, which stands for the Global System for Mobile Communications. Basically, this means that when someone comes to your gate and activates the intercom, your gate will route the call directly to a landline or mobile of your choice. The receiver of the call – whether that’s you or someone else you trust – can then speak to the person seeking access, and choose whether or not to grant it.

The beauty of this system is that it can be used anywhere in the world, provided there’s sufficient signal necessary to receive the call. (If not, don’t worry – the system can be programmed with multiple numbers which it can cycle through sequentially, in case any of them are busy or unavailable.) It also doesn’t require any separate power supply, as it all goes through your gate’s existing control board.

Set automatic opening and closing times

This is another handy feature of GSM intercoms – some models will allow you to set automatic opening and closing times, which can be exceptionally useful if you’re expecting any regular visits from staff or contractors. It can also be a practical addition to many commercial or industrial job-sites, where staff might be making or receiving routine visits or deliveries on a daily basis.

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